Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Book Reviews

After you read a book all the way through you can post a book review. The book review should include a short summary of the book, like you would see on the back cover, and it should tell the audience whether or not you like the book.
This should help your classmates decide to read or not to read the book you write about!


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Husky With a Heart. It is about two kids named Mandy Hope and James Hunter who find out that there is a dog owner that raises sled dogs. One of the dogs is having puppies! Mandy's parents are vets so she knows alot about animals. She and James come to help Hannah the dog owner with her dogs because Hannah has a wedding and needs some help. Their honymoon is in Alaska because Hannah is going to run in the Iditarod one of the biggest dog races in the world. Things really fall apart when their lead dog is injered and they have to train a new lead dog in one week. This is my favorite animal Ark book because it just makes me so happy.


Anonymous said...

I just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's about three teens named Harry,Ron,and Hermione. They have to destroy parts of Voldamorts soul. This book is sad but kind of happy.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms.Marler,
I am reading Santa Paws Saves The Day. The book is about 2 kids named Patrica and Gregory and their is also 2 dogs named Santa paws and Cookie. Santa Paws is a rescue dog that saves people or things but before christmas the surprise happens. They go to Vermont! But something starts to happen when they are on vacation! I have not read the rest of the book but I'm already liking it so I'm sure I will like it!